Serving People. Building Technology.
SBS was built with the purpose of serving our clients and team members well.  We are experts in Building Technology, and work with our clients to create custom service and technology solutions to improve their buildings comfort, safety, efficiency and reliability.  

From optimizing existing building systems, to designing custom HVAC Controls, Security and Systems Integration solutions, our team of experts work to understand the problems and pain points you are experiencing. This allows us to offer solutions to meet each customer’s unique building needs and budget.


HVAC Controls & Building Management Systems


Integrated Security Systems


Lighting Controls


Electrical Service & Installation


Technology Design

Building Optimization Services

We are problem solvers, creating solutions that make buildings safer, more comfortable, reliable, and efficient. As experts in Building Technology we aim to offer valuable service, partnerships and expertise in HVAC Controls, Security, Mechanical, Electrical, and IT systems for Buildings.  We develop 100% open, non-proprietary technology solutions to help our clients buildings migrate from the past, perform today, and insures they are ready for the future.